About me

About me

Dr. Beata Lutomska-Kaufmann

The focus of my work is on holistic medicine with emphasis on hormonal imbalance, associated pathologies and related therapy options.
Since hormones, nutrition, minerals, exercise and mental health affect one another, I include these topics in the care of my patients.

This approach ensures a holistic and comprehensive therapy concept.
In my treatments, I give highest priority to the regulatory capacity of the body.

Key objectives include maintaining and promoting health, as well as vitality and quality of life.

I gear my work towards the personal needs of my patients.

  • The term “individualised medicine” describes the nature of my work: I look for individual causes and treat more than just symptoms.
  • As a result of various life experiences, it is important to me to consider the individual expectations of patients. This is my benchmark for individual therapy solutions.
  • Regular training and collaboration with selected network specialists guarantee latest knowledge and quality assurance in my services.
  • The pooling of conventional medical, scientifically substantiated knowledge and holistic considerations significantly expands the therapy range.
  • As a person, I see respect, acceptance and empathy as fundamental aspects that accompany my meetings with patients.
  • For me, communication on an equal footing and clear explanations are basic prerequisites for a good relationship between doctor and patient.
  • My work, which I regard as a vocation, is expressed through professional competence combined with personal involvement.
  • It goes without saying for me that data and internal practice procedures are subject to absolute confidentiality, without any exceptions.

I look forward to welcoming you as a patient.