Hormonal balance for men

Please bear in mind that this is only a test, which is neither intended nor able to replace a medical diagnosis. Take the opportunity of a medical examination and talk to a physician. A hormonal imbalance can be reliably identified only from a medical examination and appropriate diagnosis. However, this small test may indicate a potential hormonal disorder and it may help you to classify your symptoms better and prepare for a medical consultation.


1.Do you feel physical exhaustion, a general reduction in performance, decreased activity, lack of desire to do things? Do you feel like you are getting less done?
2.Are you tired more often than you were in the past?
3.Do you suffer from sleep disorders (insomnia, waking up too early, tiredness after waking up, poor sleep)?
4.Do you often feel irritated, grouchy? Do you quickly react with aggression?
5.Do you feel inner tension, inner unrest, anxiety (panic)?
6.Do you frequently experience depressive moods, despondency, sadness, tearfulness, mood swings?
7.Do you sense a feeling of faintness and diminishing muscle power?
8.Do you suffer from joint and muscle complaints (back and joint pain)?
9.Do you suffer from heavy sweating (sudden outbreaks of sweating not connected with strain)?
10.Have you noticed reduced beard growth?
11.Have you noticed a drop in virility?
12.Do you have a reduced number of morning erections?
13.Have you noticed a decrease in libido (sex drive)?