How is my intestine?

Intestinal health

Please bear in mind that this is only a test, which is neither intended nor able to replace a medical diagnosis. Take the opportunity of a medical examination and talk to a physician. An intestinal disorder can be reliably identified only from a medical examination. However, this small test may indicate a potential disorder in intestinal function and it may help you to classify your symptoms better and prepare for a medical consultation.

1.Do you have irregular bowel movements?
2.Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhoea?
3.Do you have abdominal pain (stomach ache) / abdominal cramps?
4.Do you have flatulence and bloatedness?
5.Do you feel bloated immediately after eating?
6.Do you become tired after eating?
7.Do you have cravings for sweet foods?
8.Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease, e.g. such as Hashimoto’s disease or neurodermatitis?
9.Do you suffer from an allergy?
10.Do you suffer from food intolerances?
11.Do you suffer from skin problems?
12.Is your tongue furred?
13.Do you have bad breath?
14.Do you suffer from reflux (heartburn)?
15.Are you often ill?
16.Do you often take antibiotics (at least twice a year)?
17.Do you suffer from being overweight and are you unable to lose weight?