How is my thyroid?


Please bear in mind that this is only a test, which is neither intended nor able to replace a medical diagnosis. Take the opportunity of a medical examination and talk to a physician. Thyroid disease can be reliably identified only from a medical examination. However, this small test may indicate a potential thyroid disorder and it may help you to classify your symptoms better and prepare for a medical consultation.

1.Are there already cases of thyroid disease in your family?
2.Do you have the feeling of something stuck in your throat and/or difficulty swallowing?
3.Do you sometimes have palpitations or a rapid pulse?
4.Do you have an increased appetite or has your appetite diminished?
5.Have you lost or gained weight for inexplicable reasons?
6.Are you prone to constipation? Is your digestion slow?
7.Do you often have diarrhoea or soft stools for no reason?
8.Do you have hair loss or is your hair dull/lacklustre?
9.Is your skin very dry or are your nails brittle and ridged?
10.Do you feel tired, lethargic or depressed? Do you have less energy? Do you suffer from concentration difficulties and/or poor memory?
11.Do you feel like you have a “head full of cotton wool”?
12.Do your muscles frequently ache and/or do you feel weak?
13.Are you tense and irritable for no reason and do you feel unsettled in yourself?
14.Do you suffer from sleep problems?
15.Are you often freezing or do you quickly feel cold? Do you have cold hands and feet, pale dry skin?
16.Has your sex drive decreased?
17.Do you suffer from menstrual cycle disorders? Do you want to get pregnant and is it not working? (Men: Please simply answer “no” to this question.)
18.Have your blood lipid levels (e.g. cholesterol) increased?